The Randomness Project

It has taken me a month to write this blog post. A month since these images were made. I know why I made these images, but putting the reason into words is not that easy. It’s ironic actually, because this is the exact reason why I made these images, why I’ve been attracted to the notion of “randomness” and “chance”.

My personality and skill set is driven by logic, procedure, method, pattern, precision, control. Traits that are very useful in a process engineering field, but ones that can hamper the creative process.

This where the attraction to “randomness” comes from. To relinquish control, if only partially, and see what comes out of it. With time I will explore different ways to pursue randomness, for now it’s allowing a piece of string to swing how it wants.
These images were made with a torch swinging from the roof. The only control I had was the settings on the camera – aperture, ISO and shutter speed. The rest was up to the science of moving bodies.

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